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I work with individuals of all ages with a wide range of concerns affecting their general mental and emotional health, including: anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma, spirituality, sexuality and gender identity, addictions, pornography use, and more. 

EMDR Therapy

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, aka EMDR, and use it to help clients in a wide variety of circumstances to reprocess and heal past memories and traumas. 


Although I regularly work with clients of all ages, I work especially well with teens and young adult clients as they navigate the difficulties and intricacies of a very challenging time of life. Whether facing problems with school, friends, relationships, dating, college, career, family, faith, anxiety, depression, or any of the many other changes and challenges of this time of life, I help clients feel more empowered and confident in their circumstances and capabilities. 


I specialize in helping people navigate the complicated relationship between being LGBTQ+ and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints (Mormon).

I work both with the LGBTQ individual in overcoming mental and emotional health struggles, as well as parents or other family members seeking help or better understanding of their loved one.

I am both LGBTQ+ and LDS affirming. I do NOT perform conversion therapy, reparative therapy, or any other therapy claiming to change, suppress, or diminish sexual or gender identity. I seek to help clients and families find the best fit and balance for their individual circumstance to create an emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy life.


I help clients of all ages and genders to reduce, limit, or eliminate their pornography use habit, based on client goals. I base this work on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which is the only therapeutic modality with multiple randomized control studies proving it's efficacy in treating unwanted pornography use. 


As a therapist based and licensed in Utah, I can only provide therapy for clients residing in the state of Utah. Other non-therapy options may be available for those residing in other locations.

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